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It's a NOBLE Responsibility to Help Safeguard Your Business...

As Part of the Noble Group of Companies...

In a disposable, throw-away world Noble Backgrounds stands tall.... building solid, castle-like relationships. Fostering good will between account manager and client, screener and researcher, and most importantly valuing each partner's hopes, challenges and dreams as if they were our own...  


To be isn't the easiest thing, but it is the right thing!

Noble Backgrounds works as either a "stand alone" solution or in concert with Noble Medical, Noble Diagnostics, and Noble Six to provide full-circle protection for our partners and clients...all within one organization.

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Combining the right service level with your requirements is the key to success for any screening program.  With Noble's multi-dimensional approach you can easily determine if your needs require only quick, clean, automated hit/clear results, or you need more in-depth fully-verified records that give you a detailed record of someone's past.


No matter what your needs may be, Noble's multiple levels of service have you covered.  

With Noble's industry leading coverage,
consisting of 3,700+ automated, real time court sources, a nationwide army
of on-site court runners, custom filtering options, plus so much more you can be certain that all your pre and post-hire needs are met, all within one organization!  We pride ourselves on partnering with the most reliable and timely data providers so you can have the utmost assurance that your screening data is the most reliable in today's marketplace